Alan Molina counsels individuals in a wide range of matters involving personal, emotional and sensitive legal issues that affect every aspect of families in transition including contested and uncontested divorces, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, separation agreements, custody and access rights, paternity issues, domestic violence proceedings, termination of parental rights, name change proceedings, child abduction proceedings and grandparent visitation proceedings. While recognizing that each client is unique, I am qualified to handle both routine and complex cases involving individuals from the worlds of business, finance, the professions, government and entertainment in both out-of-court negotiated settlements, through protracted litigation and through the mediation and collaborative processes. I have extensive experience with complex valuation issues - including the valuation of careers, businesses and degrees.
      A divorce creates profound stress and often precipitates many other major life changes. Alan Molina is dedicated to helping individuals undergoing divorce and related matrimonial problems throughout Northern New Jersey.
      Alan Molina’s priority is to provide competent legal counsel with compassion and understanding. Alan Molina thoroughly understands the continuously evolving case law and legislation that impacts the divorce process. In addition to acting as an advocate, Alan Molina understands the pressure felt by those involved in the process and works to address each client’s personal concerns.
      The Law Offices of Alan Molina, LLC helps clients formulate a plan to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of the expectations, risks and costs associated with divorce or other family changes. Alan Molina makes himself readily available and refers clients to outside counselors and therapists as necessary or upon request.
On behalf of his clients undergoing divorce, Alan Molina:

  • Prepares and files legal documents and pleadings
  • Negotiates aggressively on your behalf
  • Prepares and conducts all pretrial discovery, including interrogatories, depositions and evaluations of the various assets
  • Advocates and presents your case in all pretrial motions, proceedings and, if necessary, at the time of trial counsel you on legal aspects of custody and visitation issues
  • Assists you in considering legal issues and circumstances surrounding financial settlement
  • Examines legal aspects of other issues directly related to divorce such as restructuring of business, tax consequences, financial reorganization, sale and disposition of real estate, pension funds and new estate planning
  • Litigates, when necessary, with over twenty years of experience


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