REAL ESTATE – Alan Molina represents clients in a wide array of real estate transactions including commercial and residential transactions. He also has extensive experience representing clients in lease negotiations and landlord tenant disputes. The firm also handles commercial lending transactions, both secured and unsecured.

      The Law Offices of Alan Molina, LLC offers representation in all phases of buying, selling, financing and leasing of real estate.  He works closely with you and your tax adviser to bring about the most favored tax treatment for your transaction.  His services include selecting the appropriate business entity, allocating the responsibility for completion of improvements, and recommending scientific or technical consultants, where appropriate.
      The Law Offices of Alan Molina, LLC also has extensive experience in real estate leasing, representing landlords as well as tenants.  His experience includes regional enclosed malls, strip malls, outlet leasing, commercial offices and industrial sites.  His broad experience creates the ancillary awareness and sensitivity to our clients’ concerns for financing, marketing, demographics, competition, tax treatment and syndication.
NJ Landlord Tenant Matters
      The Law Offices of Alan Molina, LLC represents landlords and tenants in a variety of legal matters related to residential, commercial and industrial real estate leases, including prosecuting and defending eviction proceedings in the Superior Court of New Jersey.
      Alan Molina can assist landlords in prosecuting eviction cases based on various types of breach of lease claims, including non-payment of rent.  Whether you are residential landlord or a commercial landlord, he can represent you or your company in eviction actions involving non-payment of rent.   This area of law can be complex, and having an experienced New Jersey lawyer is critical to ensuring that the eviction process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.